What to expect

On Sunday morning

Our “normal” Sunday Service is Holy Communion, following a service booklet. In these strange times things are somewhat different. We listen to hymns and other music, but we are not allowed to sing. We enjoy readings; from the Old Testament, a psalm, a New Testament reading, and a reading from one of the four Gospels. There is a sermon, usually by the Vicar, but we hear from others too. Then intercessions (prayers) are led, either by the priest, or a member of the congregation. The Peace, where we greet one another “Peace be with you” can only be shared physically (hug or handshake) with members of your own household. Please remain at your seats, and wave or otherwise acknowledge others. The Eucharistic Prayer leads into the Communion. Communicants only receive the wafer – we do not share the wine – the celebrant receives wine on behalf of us all. Stringent hygiene is observed with the distribution of the bread. Please follow the floor markings to the distribution point – the Celebrant will drop the wafer into your hand, to avoid any physical contact. (S)he will pray for you silently, wearing a face covering. For those who need assistance, communion will be brought to you.

Anyone who is accustomed to receive Communion is welcome. Any who wish are welcome to come to the distribution point to receive a Blessing. It is helpful to the priest if this is the case to bring your Service booklet with you. If you wish to receive Communion and a Blessing, just ask.

Just walk in! Please enter at the front door, with your face covering in place.  A Churchwarden will indicate where you can find a hand sanitiser – please use it. If you wish to make an offering the Warden will show you where to place it.

You will be shown to a seat, where you will find a service booklet a news sheet, a contact slip and a pen. Please fill in the contact slip. This is for contact tracing, should someone later be found to be infected. Please leave the slip, pen and service booklet on your seat when you leave – please take the news-sheet with you.

Please arrive early – doors will be open from 9.30am. If there is a queue, please maintain social distance. If you are late, please come in anyway! There will be no embarrassment.

Parking is limited

Toilets are available in emergency. Please hand sanitiser before and after use.

Our regular congregation includes very few children, and so the service itself doesn’t provide for them. Nevertheless they are welcome and children are encouraged to come, with their carers, to the distribution point to receive a blessing.

An important part of being church is to chat after the service. We can’t serve coffee, but there is a green space in front of the church where we can gather afterwards. Please leave the building, socially distant, immediately after the service. Virus spreads much readily inside than out side.

Morning Prayer

We follow a liturgy, which includes a psalm and readings from Old and New Testament, and prayers. Those attending are welcome to offer their own prayers, of thanksgiving or of intercession, for others or themselves. The service closes with the Collect and the Lord’s Prayer

Again, come on time if you can, but if you are late, come in anyway!