Church Services suspended

Upon advice from the Archbishops, all public worship is temporarily suspended

So, no Mothering Service this Sunday

We will need to make different arrangements for our Annual Parochial Church Meeting; our Diocesan Bishops will advise soon

But, we will still be church!

I will continue to read Morning Prayer and Night Prayer at home; if you would like me to support your prayers by praying them at that time, please email them to

We hope to arrange a rota so that the church can be open for individual prayer at some time each week

Each Sunday the readings for the week will be posted on the website, and we will ask those preachers who would have come to us to provide some thoughts. Intercessors will provide prayers. So, watch this space

The Archbishops have asked us to pray with them this Mothering Sunday to make a Nationwide day of prayer.

We will mostly be church through this website. Many of our parishioners are not comfortable with “technology”. Perhaps you could help them to become a bit more comfortable, so they can still be church

I’m sure I don’t need to ask you to phone friends and neighbours a) to see whether they need anything but b) (perhaps more importantly) just chat to share fears and frustrations and unexpected blessings


Wednesday 18th March

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