Wanton Destruction

See our Facebook page for a picture of the beautiful artwork we made of our planet

And for the dramatic destruction – we tore it up!

It is a terrible thing we did! A terrible thing! Destroying the world, our only home! What madness?

And yet, that is precisely what we are doing, to our world; our home.

Of course, nobody is deliberately doing this. Even the oil companies, whose scientists have known for at least three decades what was happening, are not doing this with the aim of destruction. They just want to supply the constant demand for energy, and to make themselves and their shareholders rich.

But now we all know, and we all need to do something about it!

What we know is that the last time that carbon dioxide concentrations were this high, a very long time ago, long before humans existed, global temperatures were 2-3 degrees higher, and sea levels were 6m higher. Imagine London under 6m of water? And carbon dioxide levels continue to rise! Throughout the Brexit debate my attitude was and is “In or out, the Climate Emergency will hit us, and it simply won’t matter”

This is a very scary thing. Anybody who isn’t scared doesn’t yet fully understand the situation. And for many, this is the best way to be. But for those who have the courage to face the truth, what is to be done?

First, face the truth, and face the fear. Let’s not pretend!

But then, several commentators were saying last weekend, do something, almost anything, about it.  Constructive action will deal with the fear, and will, to some small extent, deal with the problem.

Transition Town Letchworth has been tackling the problem for 11 years now. You would be very welcome to join us!

A Rocha, a Christian organisation originally formed to counter loss of wildlife habitat, but now also committed to tackling the Climate Emergency, has existed and worked hard for many years to encourage churches to act. It is they who have provided the EcoChurch church resource which we are using to assess our own green credentials, and to plan what further steps we can take. We would welcome help from you in this task.

Riding Lights created the amazing “Baked Alaska”; congratulations to those who saw it yesterday. If you didn’t, please make a note in your diaries for the next showing on Thursday 20th June, at 7.30 in the evening.

Our district council has declared a Climate Emergency.

Extinction Rebellion is a new phenomenon, following on from Student Strikes. They are using civil disobedience to draw attention to the issues, but they are also working constructively. Together with other greens, and indeed some TTL Trustees attending in individual capacity, are as we speak meeting to compile a list of actions which they think the council should undertake in response to their declaration.

So, there is lots going on!

I think that talking about the Emergency is one of the most powerful things we can do, especially when we have taken action. If you have decided to eat less meat, or fly less, or change your light bulbs to LEDs, or whatever, tell your families and your friends, and anybody you have any dealings with, what you are doing and why, and ask them if they have any further suggestions. (Maybe don’t try to nag them into doing likewise; that may be counterproductive!)

Above all, tell Sir Oliver M.P. that you care about the Climate Emergency. And ask your families and friends to tell their M.P.s that they care!

Many thinkers are predicting that Climate Emergency and related problems will cause some disruption to society. And maybe that’s where we Christians come in?

We have love! We know how to support one another and others when crisis hits.

We have hope! We know that, somehow, as Julian of Norwich says “All will be well, and all manner of things will be well!”

And we have faith “The Lord is king; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of the isles be glad”

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