Show the Love

Show the Love is a campaign by the Climate Coalition (which includes Christian Aid) to help folk think about how to reduce their own “carbon footprint” the impact they have on the environment.

You spin the spinner, and get a topic to think about

I got waste, so I thought of things I’ve done recently, and things I might do in the future.

Four of my shirts were badly worn on their collars, but otherwise OK. I took them to a seamstress on the Grange. We agreed that the three blue ones were beyond repair, but she turned the collar on the white one. I bought a pre-loved shirt at the Scope Charity Shop. (OK I also bought a new shirt at Welwyn Store)

I’ve started buying stuff from Bamboo Turtle, the shop in Letchworth Arcade which sells package free. So far I’ve bought toothpaste and soap; I plan to buy muesli. I’ve moved from teabags to loose tea

My daughter was recently involved in planning a Plastic-Free Baby Shower – really hard!


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