I am so blessed!

I had my two-yearly appointment with the opticians last week. My eyesight is fine! Since my cataracts have been removed, I don’t need glasses, except for reading.

I have various complaints, but they are all under control. I can still run, a bit, and walk, a lot, and dance! OK not up to Strictly standard, or anywhere close. So my health is good.

My memory is failing a bit; it tends to prioritise what I remember, which is very frustrating for people around me, who have different priorities. But I still play a reasonable (National Grading Scheme 10ish) hand of Bridge. And I can follow the plot of TV drama OK.

My daughters both live close, and I see them twice most weeks, with their husband/fiancé.

Above all I have my Christian faith!

Since meeting with Jesus in November 1988 (or was it 1989?) my life has gone from black and white to technicolour. I’ve always known I need to serve. (Legacy from both parents) That has gone from a duty to a pleasure.

 The first commandment, Jesus said, is to love God, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength. Oddly enough, this makes it easier, more of a joy, to do the second commandment. I am to love my neighbour as myself.

Of course I fail to obey these commandments on a daily basis. How wonderful to know that I am forgiven?

Blessings abound!


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