80 Year Celebration Service and Lunch

The Bishop came to preach and celebrate. His first task was to bless the commemorative altar frontal, created by our Craft Club (Mondays 2pm – all welcome!)

His sermon basically said “Look back – but not for too long” It’s important to look back, to remember and celebrate past achievements, in order to maintain inspiration to plan and achieve new achievements. He went on to review many things that churches around the diocese do to serve the communities in which they are placed. Many of them are things we do here, or support from here. (See below)

The service was attended by some of the “great and good”,

as well as many just as good but not so well known!

The service was followed by a sumptuous lunch for seventy five of the current and past congregation, visiting clergy, and friends and family

A blessed day was had by all, and we plan for our future.

80 year celebration will continue with a Music Event on Saturday June 23rd, and a Craft event in the Autumn – Watch this space! We support the Foodbank with a bucket placed prominently for all who enter the church to see. (If the church is not open, leave contributions outside the front door of the Vicarage)

We were instrumental in seeting up the Black Squireel Credit Union, providing a weekly Payment Point. (These are no longer deemed necessary; the Credit Union is on-line at bscu.0rg.uk, and they are based at 5 Gernon Walk, Letchworth, SG6 3HW)

We provide events for children – Kids Cook in school holidays and half-term, Holiday Club in the Summer, and a Good Friday workshop

Our weekly Drop-in on Thursday afternoons is not as well supported as we hoped; we’ll be re-thinking this soon – please comment if you want it to continue, and if you have ideas for what we could offer at it.

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